This service allows you to schedule a licensed Realtor to sit in on your Home Inspection. This service can be scheduled in advance or made at the last minute in case of emergency.

  1. I charge a flat fee of 75.00 for up to 2 hours for the home inspection.  If the home inspection goes beyond 2 hours, I will add on $25.00 per hour added.

Three Dimensional Virtual Tours Provided By Matterport Mobile

It takes about 3-4 hours to complete the project. Once complete, I will have a finished navigable online three-dimensional layout for you to use for your listing.

Our service comes in a package that includes a wide array of features at one affordable price.

For $200.00 our package includes.

1. 3D imaging of the home's interior up to 3000 square feet.*

2. Two exterior 360-degree views of the property.

3. A Website URL with the property's 3D Tour.

4. Dollhouse view of the property.

5. Tagging of prominent features with descriptions.

6. Automated 3D walkthrough of residence.

7. Up to 12 months of activation.

*For every additional 500 square feet of scanning, an additional $25.00 will be added to the total price.

Add-Ons Include:

1. $25.00 for each additional 500 square feet.

2. $10.00 for each additional 360-degree exterior property view.

3. $25.00  for a floor plan of residence with your branding.

4. $5.00 per month for long term online hosting of 3D design.


If you are not able to attend the showing because of your schedule, consider our service.  Just send us your branded MLS property sheet and we will conduct the showing. I provide no agency with the service I provide. Your clients are YOUR clients.

  1. A rate fee of $25.00 per hour for a pre-scheduled appointment. This fee includes drive time.

  2. A rate fee of $30.00 per hour for a last minute appointment. This fee includes drive time.


Before becoming a Realtor, I was a cartographer for the U.S. Marine Corps as a contractor.  This service is best utilized for larger properties containing many features.  Pricing is based on the project and hours put into it.

  1. A rate fee of $30.00 per hour for a scheduled project. 

  2. A rate fee of $35.00 per hour for a last minute project request. 

Custom Floor Plan Service For Listings

Offer your listing client something most other agents don't, a custom color floor plan of their home.

  1. A flat-rate fee of $150.00 for properties up to 1,500 Square Feet.

  2. $200 for properties up to 3,500 Square Feet

  3. For each additional 500 Square Feet above the 3,500, we charge $25.00.

  4. Turn around time is about 24-36 hours from the date measurements are taken.



Office: Keller Williams Alliance 3510 Remson Court - Suite 301, Charlottesville, Va 22901