Custom Postcards For Your Clients With A Sketch Of Their Home Included

Surprise your clients with a custom hand-drawn sketch of their home and a batch of custom made postcards that they can send to their friends and family letting them know about the great news.


We can put any text you would like onto the card. Just let us know what you require.


This package includes the drawing of their home with the option of having the sketch framed.  You can choose 50 or 100 postcards for your clients. One tip, provide stamps for your clients so they are ready to go. All they have to do is address the card and drop in the mailbox. 


We use Vista Print to print our designs and they will be mailed directly to you from Vista Print.

    Framing Option
    Post Card Count


    Office: Keller Williams Alliance 3510 Remson Court - Suite 301, Charlottesville, Va 22901