Asteroom 360 Imaging For Real Estate

Give yourself a leg up with the competition with our new affordable 360 Home Interior Imaging service via Asteroom 360 Imaging. This software will allow us to construct a virtual tour of your home that the consumer can easily interact with.

Our service comes in a package that includes a wide array of features at an affordable price. We break our pricing into three bands based on square footage.

1. $100 for homes with less than 1,500 square feet

2 $150.00 for homes from 1,501-3,000 square feet

3. Every 500 square feet above 3,001, add $25.00 to the total cost.


1. 360 imaging of the home's interior.

2. Two exterior 360-degree views of the property.

3. A Website URL with the property's 360 Tour.

4. Dollhouse view of the property.

6. Tagging of prominent features with descriptions. (Provided by you.)

7. Up to 6 months of activation.

Add-Ons Include:

1. $25.00 for each additional 500 square feet.

2. Long term hosting of AsteRoom 360 Walkthrough. $5.00 per month.

3. Unedited gimble stabilized video walkthrough. $50.00

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 9.46.40 AM.png

Click Image For Example 3D Asteroom Tour


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